YIELD App: a powerful investment platform that bridges traditional finance and DeFi

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3 min readFeb 19, 2021


Grow your portfolio through the YIELD App

DAO Capital has been amazed by the incredible growth of YIELD App in the last few weeks. That being said, we aren’t surprised. YIELD App’s hybrid model of CeFi and DeFi takes elements from the best of both worlds, and makes it possible for everyone to participate in the growing DeFi space. Indeed, they have a first-mover advantage as an investment platform that provides their users with incredible returns from the most secure and innovative DeFi protocols.

YIELD App’s model is at once innovative as well as proven, and we loved it precisely for its simplicity and ambition at the same time. Users can invest safely and in DeFi protocols without experiencing the hefty costs of using them or the inherent risks of decentralized financial tools. Furthermore, YIELD App’s native token, YLD, plays a vital and valuable role in the ecosystem that drives participation, security and usage.

The easiest tool to discover the power of DeFi

The process for making high-yield returns through YIELD App is very simple:

  • Deposit stablecoins (USDT/USDC) to earn 10% interest
  • Deposit YLD tokens to boost your APY from 2% to 10%
  • Earn 10% holding rewards for your YLD tokens

Altogether, this generally equates to about 12% to 20% APY, but depends on your total investment in stablecoins and YLD’s price. YIELD App will soon feature both Ethereum and Bitcoin funds and deposits, as well as swaps within the app for each. It’s a straightforward and efficient approach to accessing DeFi markets without worrying about constantly monitoring your DeFi portfolio.

YLD for the win

The most obvious use-case for YLD (the native token of YIELD App FinTech ecosystem) is to help boost user APY. All users, even if they do not have any YLD in their YIELD App wallet, receive a 2% APY boost, paid in YLD. There are five tiers for token holders, with the highest being a 10% boost and 20,000 YLD. We see this as a sustainable way for the YLD token to maintain price, as there are only a limited number of tier-5 accounts possible. You can use YIELD App’s APY calculator to determine how much you will earn per year based on your tier level and total investment.

Final notes

We see the YIELD App model as a great way to bridge centralized and decentralized finance. It gives the security that’s made digital banking a global standard, while also providing users with high-interest returns that DeFi experts are used to. The YLD token will not hit its maximum supply until 2025, and emissions will slow significantly now that public and private sale tokens have been distributed. YLD is currently trading about 1000% above its private sale price and over 30% of the circulating supply is locked in the YIELD App platform.

But YIELD App is much more than its token: it’s a burgeoning FinTech ecosystem that can offer all types of users (including those unfamiliar with crypto) the ability to earn interest rates that are unimaginable in traditional finance. It’s a hybrid that takes the best of both worlds and merges them into one easy-to-use application. DAO Capital is very excited about seeing what else YIELD App has up their sleeve, as they’ve already outpaced many of their competitors and are backed by a professional, dedicated and experienced team focused on providing their users with best-practice regulation as well as best-market returns. We have no doubt that 2021 will be an incredible year for YIELD App, and we’re excited to be alongside them for the journey.

We’re excited to back the YIELD App team on their journey. Explore YIELD App’s website here, and join the community in their Telegram.

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