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For the first time in more than a century, we are witnessing the birth of an entirely new industry with the power to create wealth for billions of people. Moreover, DeFi has the potential to revolutionize finance: to replace banks and other actors with services that act in the interests of ordinary people, not just institutions.

However, several issues are hampering broader adoption. User experience is complicated and unfriendly; there’s too much unnecessary jargon; and not enough products are built to work across multiple blockchains. Luckily, there is a new project that is going to fix all those problems: YOP, a Yield Optimization Platform & Protocol. YOP is designed to make it easier for all users to interact with the leading DeFi products.

The problem with DeFi products

Introducing YOP

YOP is a premium mobile application (web & tablet integration to follow) that, at its core, focuses on the best UX/UI while collating the best product offerings from across the DeFi ecosystem. YOP plans to introduce 5 key features in the initial mobile app for iOS & Android:

  • Farmers’ market
  • Swap DEX
  • My YOP
  • YOP Wallet+
  • Market data
YOP mobile app products

The farmers’ market connects you to the market and gives you live aggregation, pricing and community engagement. You can use the application to optimize farming and staking.

Swap DEX will allow you to swap your gained yields and other tokens without having to go to another platform like Uniswap. The DEX will aggregate volume and liquidity from the leading swap platforms, giving the user the best possible price.

My YOP is the users own custom space where individual portfolios can be tracked. My YOP will also offer the latest news and the users yield reports.

YOP Wallet+ is an easy to use, simple and secure wallet. The wallet will support ERC-20 on its launch and will later on integrate with the leading crypto networks.

Smart Market analysis will offer you live market data to get the user the best performance possible. The application will offer you DeFi statistics, market insights, live feeds, portfolio management and DEX integration.

The yPlatform is the front-end of the YOP ecosystem, and is driven by the yProtocol. The protocol is the mechanism that allows simplified, cross-chain access to yield markets. Yield farming always comes with the risk of impermanent loss (IL), and one of the features that we are looking forward to is automated impermanent loss protection. The user is able to set custom parameters which protects from the risk of impermanent loss. Needless to say, we are very excited about the upcoming launch of YOP, a product that solves some of the most apparent issues in DeFi.

In the end, the goal of YOP is to offer an all-in-one DeFi platform that eliminates the need to go through multiple platforms to maximize your yield.

YOP Technology

$YOP Token

The $YOP token powers the entire YOP ecosystem. $YOP has the following utilities:

  • User of the platform gets rewarded trough YOP Rewards. YOP rewards will have multi-tier membership with $YOP holders compensated with better yields
  • Access to exclusive mining pools
  • Receive $YOP for participating in yield farming and liquidity pools
  • Governance

$YOP will have a max supply of 88,888,888 with an initial circulating supply of less than 10m tokens. Another 2m tokens will be used to ensure sufficient liquidity on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap. One of the intriguing attributes of the token that it has deflationary aspects. As more users enter the YOP ecosystem, $YOP will be withdrawn from circulation and locked up.
A token burn, which will happen after the protocol upgrade (V2), will further aid YOP in limiting the circulating supply. The deflationary nature of the token will ensure increased network value reducing supply creating a demand driven market for $YOP.

$YOP Tokenomics

Final notes

Recently YOP announced that it has agreed funding from a traditional venture fund that is listed on the London Stock Exchange, Pires Investments Plc.

“It is expected that the YOP platform will enable portfolio management, access to cryptocurrency market data and cryptocurrency investment products all from the convenience of a mobile phone, with desktop and tablet versions to follow. The Pires directors believe that the YOP App is akin to the platform developed by Robinhood Markets, Inc (“Robinhood”) in the US in 2013 which, at the time, was one of the first platforms to provide easy access to financial markets and low cost dealing, all from the convenience of a smartphone.”

Just like Pires, we at DAO Capital see a bright future for YOP. To grasp the full scale of YOP’s platform and ecosystem, we suggest reading the deck. And don’t forget to check out this video, which explains YOP.

$YOP will launch on Uniswap on Friday 15th of January 2021 4pm UTC with a listing market cap of only $383k.

We’re excited to back the YOP team on their journey. Explore YOP’s website here, and join the community in their Telegram.

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